Alpha Chi Omega

The Iota Nu chapter of Alpha Chi Omega is looking for members to add to the chapter’s spirit and diversity this Fall. Joining Alpha Chi Omega is like joining ten different campus organizations in one! There are many opportunities offered to Alpha Chi women that have encouraged personal growth and involvement on campus, including alumnae panels, hands-on service events, career fairs, sisterhoods, and much more.

Being an Alpha Chi allows members to fully appreciate the “college experience.” Many of Alpha Chi’s social programs like quarterly formals, themed exchanges with fraternities, and sisterhood trips are designed to help members let loose from the academic rigors of UCSD while creating lasting bonds between sisters. If you are looking to join a sorority because of the incredible and unique opportunities it can bring to your college experience, to find lifelong friends, and grow as an individual with the support of a group of women looking to do the same thing, we can guarantee that Alpha Chi Omega can offer it all.

Alpha Chi Omega was founded in 1885 by seven young women at the DePauw University School of Music and many of the chapter traditions reflect their founding interest in the fine arts. Alpha Chi Omega’s symbol, the golden lyre, is a tribute to the musical pursuits of the ancient Greeks, and was the first instrument played on Mount Olympus. Their colors, scarlet red and olive green, reflect the chapter’s fall foundings, and the three stars located on the crest also hold a special and symbolic meaning to the members.

Alpha Chi Omega’s across the country share the bond of sisterhood by celebrating their national traditions, adhering to their five membership standards, and living the teachings of the Symphony of Alpha Chi Omega.

The Iota Nu chapter of Alpha Chi Omega started at UCSD in 1992 and has been growing in size and achievement ever since. The philosophy behind our chapter’s programming can be found in our motto “Together Let Us Seek the Heights” as they encourage each other to constantly become better women and sisters.

Nationally, the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation supports local efforts to help victims of domestic violence, and every year their chapter is proud to put on, Lyre Fest to benefit this incredible cause. Lyre Fest, a talent pageant featuring men and women from fraternities, sororities, sports teams, and other campus organizations, is one of the most widely attended and profitable fundraising event held by any chapter in the Greek system. The ladies of Alpha Chi Omega are proud to be able to have fun coaching their contestants while raising money for Becky’s House, a local domestic violence shelter.

For the sisters, Alpha Chi Omega is synonymous with opportunity; whether these opportunities are social, academic, professional or personal. Alpha Chi offers these various opportunities to members in the form of chapter official and unofficial programming, ranging from Disneyland sisterhoods to networking events with local alumnae to just regular participation in campus events. The Iota Nu chapter is incredibly proud of their involvement in the Greek Community, as they were part of this year’s winning Greek Week team, and have participated in events with every fraternity and sorority on campus.

For more information about our chapter, please check out our website or contact our Chapter President!

Chapter Facts:


Scarlet Red and Olive Green
Red Carnation
Golden Lyre
Founding Date:
October 15, 1885
Open Motto:
“Together, let us seek the heights.”
National philanthropy: Supporting victims of domestic violence

Chapter Website:
Facebook Page:
National Website:
Chapter President:
Lauryn Johnson