Description of Events and Attire

The 6 Days of Recruitment

The recruitment process is designed to give you insight into all aspects of sorority life. Each night has a theme, and this page is where you can familiarize yourself with the schedule and what to expect for each night.

Recruitment takes place in the Price Center Ballrooms.

Pre-Recruitment Orientation 

The potential new member orientation is designed to better explain the recruitment process, introduce you to your Recruitment Guides, and to allow you to meet other potential new members! We will be conducting ice-breaker and values-based activities and will ensure that you know the ins and outs of recruitment so you can be prepared and excited for the first official round of recruitment the following day. The Recruitment Guides will give a presentation showing you what to expect when you step into your first recruitment room. Please be aware that the orientation is mandatory!

Values Day (Part 1)

Values Day (Part 1) is the first day of recruitment and a chance for you to meet the chapters! Your Rho Gammas (Recruitment Guides) will give you an “event” schedule, telling you the order in which you will meet chapters. The meet and greets with chapters will occur on campus in two different ballrooms within Price Center. You will meet three or four chapters, and chapter members will introduce themselves and ask simple questions to get to know a little bit about you and your values. Feel free to ask them questions about their founding values so that you can better understand each chapter and find the best fit for you!
Attire: Casual

Values Day (Part 2)

On Values Day Part 2, you will meet your Recruitment Guide Group in the morning, and you will be visiting the remaining seven or eight chapters and traveling with your group. By totaling visits from both Values Days, you will have met all eleven chapters.  At the end of this day, you will make your first round of selections.
Attire: Casual

Philanthropy Night

As the name suggests, this is the day of recruitment where you will learn about each chapter’s community service events and beneficiaries. They may show a video that better explains what their philanthropic endeavors support. This is a great opportunity for you to tell chapters about your personal philanthropic interests and find out more about their values!
During Philanthropy Day, you will have the opportunity to visit a maximum of 8 chapters. You will meet with your Recruitment Guide Group in the morning, and you will begin traveling from chapter to chapter on your own throughout the day. At the end of the day, you will make your second round of selections.
Attire: Dressy-casual

Sisterhood Night

This night is designed to give you a more in-depth view of what sisterhood is within Panhellenic sororities. When visiting chapters, you will watch a slideshow about their sisterhood and learn more about their organization and members. Chapters usually incorporate songs and dance within the night to make it a fun experience. Conversations will usually be deeper and this is your chance to address any concerns you may have about sorority life!
On Sisterhood Day, you will meet with your Recruitment Counselor Group in the afternoon, and you will visit a maximum of 5 chapters. Again, you will make another round of selections this day.
Attire: Dressy-casual

Preference Night

On preference night, potential new members will usually visit their final two chapters. Since the parties are longer this night, you should again take the opportunity to ask authentic questions and think about all of the connections you have made thus far. After preference night, potential new members will rank their top choice!
Attire: Formal

Bid Day

The most exciting day of recruitment week! On this day, Rho Gammas (Recruitment Guides) will be able to reveal which chapter they are in to potential new members. Bids will be handed out, and new members will join their respective chapters. Usually, chapters do fun things on bid day such as dinners or other sisterhood activities.
Attire: New members will receive a shirt from their bidded chapter so it is recommended that you wear some type of tank top and jeans or shorts (do not wear a dress).

We hope this has given you a better idea of what to expect during fall recruitment. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the Vice President of Membership of Panhellenic and the Vice President of New Member Outreach.
Their contact information is below!

Sarah Howell
Vice President of Membership, Panhellenic

Courtney Nguyen
Vice President of New Member Outreach, Panhellenic