Executive Board

The Interfraternity Council’s (IFC) main purpose is to promote and help facilitate community throughout the whole Greek System through programming and judicial accountability. This includes, but not restricted to, leadership conferences, Interfraternity sports competitions, as well as recognizing individuals and chapters for outstanding scholarship, philanthropic service, risk management practices, and overall chapter management. The Interfraternity Council itself is composed of 3 parts. First, there is the executive board, which is made up of 10 men from all IFC chapters, that act as the leaders and facilitators of the vision, recruitment, judicial procedures, athletics, scholarship, and community of the IFC and its member chapters. Second, there are the Coordinators, which are made up of men from IFC chapters that assist the executive board in the planning and implementation of all the events and resources that the IFC provides to the member chapters. Lastly, there is the President’s Council, which is composed of all the presidents of the 13 member chapters, one delegate for each member chapter, as well as the entire IFC Executive Board. The President’s Council acts as the legislative body of the Interfraternity Council.

Tyler Bird President ifcpresident@ucsd.edu
Alexander Meza VP of Adminstrative Affairs ifcadmin@ucsd.edu
Nicholas Winicki

VP of Recruitment


Jacob Hawver-Pachter VP of Finance ifcfinance@ucsd.edu
Rishi Gupta VP of Service ifcservice@ucsd.edu
Patrick Huber VP of Educational Development ifceducation@ucsd.edu
Matt Samaro VP of Athletics ifcathletics@ucsd.edu
David Moll VP of External Affairs ifcexternal@ucsd.edu
Brendan Rhatigan VP of Marketing ifcmarketing@ucsd.edu