Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join a sorority?

There are many beneficial aspects to sorority life that make it a unique and exciting college experience. While different chapters may have different core values, all Panhellenic sororities offer their members the chance to partake in leadership opportunities, philanthropy, scholarship, personal development, and sisterhood. The great thing about joining Greek life is that all of these opportunities are bundled into one organization!

What is Panhellenic?

The National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), founded in 1902, is an umbrella organization for 26 (inter)national women’s sororities. The University of California, San Diego has 11 of these 26 sororities on their campus, and they are listed below. 

What sororities (aka chapters) are at UC San Diego?

There are eleven Panhellenic sororities at UCSD that participate in the formal recruitment process: Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Phi, Chi Omega, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Gamma, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pi Beta Phi, and Sigma Kappa. When you participate in Fall Formal Recruitment, you have the opportunity to visit and get to know the women of each chapter. Please feel free to learn more about each Panhellenic sorority under the “Chapters” tab at the top of the webpage.
Phi Sigma Rho is an associate chapter of Panhellenic at UCSD, and does not participate in formal recruitment due to their major restriction to Science and Engineering majors. Their chapter has a separate recruitment, and there is no formal registration process.
For more information, please visit the Recruitment section at, or contact

What is the best chapter on campus?

There is no “best” chapter on campus. Each chapter has many great, unique values and opportunities to offer their members. The best chapter is the one that aligns most with your ambitions and that you feel most comfortable in.

What exactly is Recruitment and how do I join a sorority?

Recruitment is a mutual selection process through which potential new members (PNMs) meet active members of the Panhellenic Community. Over five days, PNMs will visit eleven Panhellenic chapters and have the opportunity to find out what Greek life at UCSD is all about. Throughout the Recruitment process, both the chapters and the potential new members narrow down their selections. On the final day of recruitment, after a mutual bid-matching process, PNMs may receive an invitation to join a chapter.

What is Recruitment like at UC San Diego?

Recruitment is offered for women to learn about what the Panhellenic Community stands for. A ton of thought and planning by the Panhellenic Board and individual chapters has gone into this process to insure each PNMs experience is enjoyable, comfortable, and fun. Recruitment is your opportunity to meet many different women in each chapter and learn more about them as they learn about you. Each individual chapter shares common goals and values, yet each cultivates its own unique personality. There is truly a place for every woman interested in joining a chapter, which is why it is important to recognize the different aspects each chapter has to offer when making your selection. It is crucial to choose a sorority that matches your interests and motivations to challenge and strengthen you through the years, in and after college.

What is values-based Recruitment?

Recruitment at UCSD is values-based. This implies meaningful conversations between chapter members and potential new members going through recruitment. Values define individual members in an organization as well as describe how chapters conduct their organization, by identifying what matters to that specific organization. This process insures that you, as a potential new member, will meet and connect with chapter women on a deeper level.

When is Recruitment?

Formal Recruitment typically takes place during Week 1-2 of Fall quarter. If you have any Please look to the Recruitment tab “Description and Attire of Nights”, for more detailed information about each day of recruitment.

Where and when can I register for Recruitment?

Formal Recruitment for 2017 has concluded but there are still other opportunities available to you to join our community! Please contact VP Membership Sarah Howell ( or Courtney Nguyen ( with any inquiries!

Who can sign up for Recruitment?

All undergraduate women who are enrolled at the University of California, San Diego for the fall quarter. Unfortunately, graduate students are not eligible.

What is expected of me as a potential new member going through Recruitment?

As a potential new member (PNM) we expect you to come into recruitment events with an openness to evaluate and determine your personal values, as well as open to meeting and connecting with a diverse group of quality women. This means think about your goals, aspirations, passions, and what you believe in. What kinds of things do you want to gain from UCSD? Where do you see yourself after UCSD? These thoughts are great ways to begin conversations with women in chapters and will help you find the best fit to match your ambitions.

Who are Recruitment Guides?

Panhellenic trains a special group of 40 women, known as Recruitment Guides, or Rho Gammas, to help guide and counsel you through the process. All Rho Gammas disassociate from their respective chapters through the recruitment process, meaning they give up their letters temporarily to help you find yours. Disassociation enables Rho Gammas to answer questions and guide potential new members without bias or preference to a particular sorority, which could unintentionally impact new members’ decisions. You Rho Gamma will provide information about the week, accompany you to recruitment week functions, and provide a listening ear as you make decisions concerning sorority membership. Approximately 10-20 women will join you as members of your recruitment group, with your Rho Gamma leading the group. Take advantage of your recruitment guide because she can offer valuable information regarding sorority life, academic classes, and other opportunities waiting for you at UCSD.

Am I allowed to miss a day of Recruitment?

Unfortunately, missing one of any of the days is highly detrimental to your recruitment experience. This is because emitting a night does not allow you to meet new women in each of the chapters or allow for them to get to know you better. The only acceptable excuses for missing recruitment events are for class, NCAA sports commitments, and doctor visits (with a note).

What if I have class during a Recruitment event?

While we try to schedule recruitment events in the evening on school nights, we understand that some women may have class conflicts. We accept class conflicts requests for recruitment, and will work the best of our ability to schedule you around those times. Please fill out the class conflict form, available also under the Recruitment tab labeled “Recruitment Conflict Form”.

How much of a time commitment is being in a sorority?

Participating in a sorority is like participating in any co-curricular activity; it requires a time investment. Students in the Panhellenic Community at UCSD have the opportunity for a well-rounded college experience that involves academic work, campus and service involvement, networking, and social events. You choose your level of involvement, but what you get out of being in a sorority is what you put in.

Are there academic requirements for joining a sorority?

In order to go through recruitment, you must be in good academic standing with the university. However, each Panhellenic sorority does choose its own individual scholarly requirements. Panhellenic sororities put a great amount of emphasis on scholarship in addition to other great things they have to offer.

What are the financial requirements of being in a sorority?

Joining a sorority does entail a financial commitment, just like other extra-curricular activities. The financial requirements are called dues, and fluctuate in amount according to chapter. The average cost of dues for active chapter members is $330 per quarter, and the average one time fee for joining a chapter is $200. These dues typically cover chapter retreats, recruitment supplies, parent’s weekend events, chapter’s founders’ days, officer training, t-shirts, leadership institutes, formals, and philanthropy events.

What kinds of philanthropic and service events are the Panhellenic community involved in?

There are two types of ways to give back in the Panhellenic Community- philanthropy and service. Philanthropy involves the act of donating money to organizations or individuals for various reasons, and service is hands-on interaction with organizations or individuals that benefit from your time.

Each chapter holds one large-scale philanthropy event each year in support of a cause their sorority chooses. The events involve the UCSD community, so chapter women, fraternity men, and other members of the UCSD attend other chapter’s events. The UCSD campus is highly supportive and encouraging of one another, and each sorority often helps and even participates in each other’s philanthropy events. Service events happen at various times throughout the year, and are organized by Panhellenic as well as individual chapters.

If I join a sorority, will I still be able to get involved with other organizations on campus?

Absolutely! Chapter members are active all over campus and it is actually highly encouraged that women participate in other organizations. Sisters introduce each other to new organizations on campus all the time, making it even easier to get involved. Chapters have the opportunity to meet and connect with various groups on campus- Multicultural Fraternities and Sororities, Fraternities, athletic clubs and sports teams, Associated Students, as well as various other student organizations. Being a member of the Greek community instantly connects you with numerous students on campus and allows for various ways to get plugged in to campus events.