Recruitment Guide

Potential New Members:

We would first like to congratulate you on taking the first step in joining the Greek Community here at UC San Diego. As we attend one of the top public universities in the nation, it is imperative that we continue to emphasize instruction in scholarship, leadership, service, and brotherhood, inside and outside of the classroom.

As a potential new member looking into the Greek system, you may feel uninformed and overwhelmed. We conceived this document in hopes of answering most of your general questions, while creating a medium in which future Greek men can amend this document and continue to elevate the quality of life within our Greek Community.

Making the Right Decision:

During Rush week you will be presented with a great decision.  It usually comes later in the week (Wednesday or Thursday) and the chapters that feel you are a good fit will extend you a Bid Card.

At the end of the day it is YOUR choice which bid card you sign, and we cannot stress how important it is to wait until you have heard back from every chapter you are interested in before signing anything. Most events on the last few days of Rush Week are usually invite only. Do not see this as you will be getting a bid for sure, but take it as an opportunity to really get to know each chapter you are invited back to.  You have to bring all of your blank bid cards to an IFC Executive Board Member to sign in front of him for it to be valid.

This is a decision that will undoubtedly shape the rest of your college career, put some serious time and thought into it!


If you have made it this far, the chapter has deemed you worthy of experiencing the Initiation Ritual.  This is the culmination of your pledging quarter, usually it will require knowledge of the general fraternity and greek history in general. Take it seriously! Fraternities spend weeks preparing for your ritual, and a lot of work goes into making sure it runs smoothly.

Being Greek:

Now that you have been initiated what comes next?  

What does it really mean to be Greek?  

Sure you get a set of letters, a sense of belonging, a great support system of brothers, but at the end of the day what is the overall goal of being part of Greek life here at UCSD?  The best part about this question is that the Greek life experience is whatever YOU want it to be! It is up to you to foster a sense of brotherhood not only within your own fraternity, but also with other members of our society.

Being a “social” fraternity does not mean that we are only interested in “socializing”.  It means that we are here for the greater good of the society around us.  You are becoming part of an organization that is supposed to benefit our school and our local community.  Go out of your way and prove to the general public that fraternities (and sororities) are not just a bunch of “party people”.

Sure we like to have a good time, but we all know that at the end of the day we work hard and play hard.  If you can properly balance the two, we guarantee you that your time UC San Diego will be well spent.

Parting Words:

We hope that this short guide will give you all some sort of insight into the Greek community.There is a lot that cannot be said for the sake of keeping the experience interesting.  However, as some of the brightest students in our country, you should never be in the dark about any important decision you make in your life.

An educated decision is a good decision, and we hope that this guide helps you accomplish that!