The Junior Panhellenic Council assists the Panhellenic Executive Board in carrying out their duties. They are responsible for assisting their Executive Board counterparts and implementing a project during their term.

Devina Taimni

Junior President

The Junior President acts as the glue and face of the body of young leaders within the Panhellenic Association. While the program is still growing and developing, the Junior Panhellenic President works to bring out the best in every single Junior Vice President to help everyone achieve their goals. Responsibilities include being the main liaison for Junior Panhellenic Council, attending meetings with or even for the President, assisting the President in all projects, and a myriad of other miscellaneous duties.

Julia Chu

Junior VP of Finance

The Junior Vice President of Finance oversees the finances and budget of the Junior Panhellenic Council. She additionally aids the Panhellenic Vice President of Finance with Panhellenic finances, processes, and rules.

Mandy Goya

Junior VP of New Member Outreach

The Junior Vice President of New Member Outreach works to make membership recruitment one of the most visible and rewarding activities put on by Panhellenic, in order to have successful membership recruitment it requires a huge organized effort. She goes through recruitment counseling to ensure the recruitment process is better understood by the participants which increases the chance of raising retention rates. She also helps plan innovative rho gamma education meetings and works in conjunction with the Panhellenic Vice President of New Member Outreach to make recruitment a fun and pleasant experience.

Madison Penna

Junior VP of Recruitment Operations

The Junior VP of Recruitment Operations focuses on developing strategies and ideas to solely market Panhellenic recruitment. Working closely with the Panhellenic Vice President of New Member Outreach, Panhellenic Vice President of Membership, JVP of Membership, and recruiters; she is in charge of increasing spirit and marketing the positive aspects of the new chapter to the already established chapters on campus.

Neesha Malik

Junior VP of Service

The Junior Vice President of Service has the responsibility of supporting the Vice President of Service in all service projects involving the Panhellenic Council. She comes up with creative ideas and an appreciation and perseverance towards meaningful service and unity.

Riley Peterson

Junior VP of Administration & Judicial Affairs

The Junior Vice President of Administration and Judicial Affairs keeps Junior Panhellenic Council all on the same page. She works to organize and maintains structure within JPC. She has a flexible schedule and shows a great commitment and interest in Panhellenic and Greek Community as a whole to represent JPC fully. Her duties include managing the files and documents for JPC and serving as a Judicial Board Assistant.

Hanna Sahagon

Junior VP of Membership

The Junior of Vice President of Membership serves as an integral part to the Greek experience. She continually recruits potential new members year-round and helps fulfill the promise of sisterhood of the Greek system. Working closely with the Panhellenic Vice President of Membership, JVP of Recruitment Operations, and recruiters; she is in charge of making sure recruitment procedures go as smoothly as possible.

Kimiko Okumura

Junior VP of Marketing

The Junior VP marketing focuses on communicating Panhellenic events to the chapters to a positive face for the entire Panhellenic community. She assists in developing Greek marketing strategies and projects, while also creating digital content for Panhellenic. She assists the Panhellenic Vice President of Marketing with updating Panhellenic’s website, calendar and social media platforms.

Isabel Mendoza

Junior VP of Scholarship

The Junior Vice President of Scholarship promotes and encourages academic excellence throughout the Panhellenic Women’s Greek organization. She aids the Panhellenic Vice President of Scholarship by continuing to help and cultivate a dedication to academics within the Greek system through study programs with the goal to help unify the Greek system through scholarship.

Sophia Perrott

Junior VP of Athletics

The Junior Vice President of Athletics assists the Panhellenic Vice President of Athletics in events such as ISS sports and Greek Challenge.

Meera Swaminath

Junior VP of External Relations & Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (EDI) Affairs

The Junior Vice President of External Relations & EDI Affairs focuses on communicating and developing positive relationships with organizations and administration outside of UCSD Panhellenic. She communicates effectively through face-to-face interactions and virtual presences to carry out these roles. She also has the opportunity to attend AS meetings, either in place of or along with, the Panhellenic Vice President of External Relations and EDI Affairs.