Kappa Alpha Theta

Kappa Alpha Theta means so much more than Greek letters on a sweatshirt. It might sound cliché but it is the most undeniably honest fact about this organization. On the surface, it incorporates everything that all sororities seem to have in common: a fabulous philanthropy, a great group of girls, and a lot of fun events. But while it does have all of those things, Theta uniquely also has the incredible power of shaping and influencing the lives and the characters of its members. Kappa Alpha Theta provides countless opportunities for intellectual and professional growth, offers endless support and inspiration, motivates its members to achieve, and encourages them to aspire. Theta will enrich your college experience in ways you might never have expected; it will not only teach you but learn from you, help you to grow, and push you to be a better human being. And this organization does not stop investing itself in you at graduation—it will continue to energize you and connect you to women across the country, so that when we say Theta for a lifetime…we are not exaggerating.

Bettie Locke Hamilton was among the first women to enroll at Indiana Asbury College (now DePauw University) in 1867. However she became increasingly disappointed in the Greek-letter fraternities when they asked for her support but simultaneously denied her full membership. She then set out to form her own, and consequently the first, fraternity exclusively for women. With the help of fellow students Alice Allen, Hannah Fitch, and Bettie Tipton, she succeeded in holding the first official meeting of Kappa Alpha Theta on January 27, 1870. Bettie Locke Hamilton’s modest desire to find a sense of community on her college campus led to the formation of one of the largest fraternity organizations in the country, yet it still stands for the same noble values of scholarship, service, leadership, personal excellence, and friendship/sisterhood.

Not only the first Greek-letter fraternity for women, but also the first to establish a chapter internationally in Canada, Theta now has nearly 130 college chapters and more than 250,000 total initiated members! The Zeta Rho chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta at UCSD is currently one of the largest sororities on campus. One of the most important aspects of our organization is the work we do to support our two amazing philanthropies: CASA, standing for Court Appointed Special Advocates which provides mentors for children going through the foster care court system, and the Kappa Alpha Theta foundation, which annually awards over $500,000 in graduate and undergraduate scholarships to its members. Here at UCSD, we put on KAT at Bat to support these two wonderful causes. Organizations from all over campus come out to have a day filled with softball, carnival games, and food! We have so much fun by doing things like making Sno cones, getting to participate in Pie-A-Theta, and getting to know people from all over this giant campus every year! We also hope to be launching a brand new philanthropy in 2016, so stay tuned for that!

One of the highest priorities in our chapter is academic excellence and pursuing intellectual curiosity. We are extremely excited to announce that we have received the highest Panhellenic GPA two quarters in a row! This truly reflects the unbelievably hard work our girls dedicate to their classes and is a continuous source of pride for all of our members. In addition to our academic and educational programs, Kappa Alpha Theta also emphasizes the importance of becoming balanced women and encourages its members to pursue the amazing opportunities offered on this campus and in the area. We strive to take the time to highlight and acknowledge all of the impressive achievements, jobs, and positions held by women in our chapter.

Chapter Facts:


Black and Gold
Black and gold pansy
Kite and twin stars
Founding Date:
January 27, 1870
Open Motto:
“Leading Women”
National philanthropy: Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) and the Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation


Chapter Website: http://ucsandiego.kappaalphatheta.org/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/UCSDKappaAlphaTheta
National Website: www.kappaalphatheta.org
Chapter President:
Carlisle Boyle