The Panhellenic Executive Council consists of ten women from different backgrounds. The women of this council come together to form a cohesive unit, working as a non-biased board to oversee and assist all NPC and associate chapters in whatever they require.

Kate Schneiderman  

Panhellenic President


The President is chiefly responsible for the overall operations of the Panhellenic Association and presides over all sessions of the Panhellenic Council meetings. The President also represents the Panhellenic Association as necessary.

Eliana Schulner

Vice President of Finance

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The Vice President of Finance is responsible for preparing a budget for the Executive Board and Panhellenic Association activities to submit to the Presidents’ Council.  She regulates the finances of the Panhellenic Association in strict line with the budget and maintains accurate records for all expenditures, cooperating with the Business office of Student Finance staff to maintain records and observe procedures as they require. Lastly, the Vice President of Finance coordinates the request of all funding from AS on behalf of Panhellenic events and collaborates with the IFC counterpart to establish a division of costs in shared events. If you have a question about Panhellenic’s finances or Greek Awards, please contact this officer.

Courtney Nguyen

Vice President of New Member Outreach


The Vice President New Member Outreach coordinates and oversees Rho Gamma Counselors, and organizes campaigns to promote the Greek community before and throughout Fall Recruitment. She works to ensure that new members are supported throughout the Recruitment process and when they become new chapter members. If you have a question about formal recruitment, COB, or becoming a Rho Gamma, please contact this officer.

Audrey Kelly

Vice President of Service


The Vice President of Service is a Panhellenic coordinator for all-Greek community service events. She is responsible for educating member fraternities on community service opportunities and planning member service events once per quarter.   The Vice President of Service also coordinates and executes Greek Week, as well as fundraising projects and sponsorship events. If you are interested in collaborating with Panhellenic on a service event or have a question about Greek Week, please contact this officer.  

Cynthia Sanchez


Vice President of External Relations and EDI Affairs

The Vice President of External Relations is a liaison between the Panhellenic Association and the UCSD AS Council, Multicultural Greek Council, on-campus student organizations, and college councils. The Vice President of External Relations attends weekly AS meetings on Wednesdays as well as monthly Multicultural Greek Council General Body meetings on Mondays, works with her IFC counterpart to promote AS Elections as well as National elections on campus in conjunction with the AS, including the endorsement of Greek candidates by providing polling site on campus; as well as the endorsement of voting in elections by providing incentives and or situations for Greek students to do so. She also ensures that members of the Greek Community are properly trained on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion by helping run the organization Greeks Unified in Inclusion, Equity and Diversity (GUIDE) and creating educational materials for chapter members.

Natalie Teaze

Vice President of Administration & Judicial Affairs


The Vice President of Administration and Judicial Affairs  is responsible for fulfilling the role of Panhellenic President, should the President be unable to fulfill her duties. The Vice President of Administration serves as secretary at each meeting, maintains Panhellenic files, handles reservations and updates the Executive Board on correspondence received and sent. She serves as a liaison between the Executive Board, the Panhellenic Judiciary Board, and the Panhellenic Area Advisor and serves as the Chief Justice of the Judicial Board. She oversees the operations of Junior Panhellenic. If you are interested in coming in to Panhellenic meeting or  have a question about Junior Panhellenic, bylaws, NPC policies, or infractions please contact this officer.

Sarah Howell

Vice President of Membership


The Vice President of Membership coordinates all system wide recruitment programs. She recommends programs to the Executive Board that may be beneficial to fraternity recruitment, makes herself available to aid members with their own recruitment programs, and meets at least once a quarter with all recruitment chairs to discuss policies of recruitment and make recommendations to the Presidents’ Council. With the Panhellenic Advisor, the Vice President of Recruitment coordinates fraternity expansion. If you have a question about recruitment, please contact this officer.

Amanda Jiao

Vice President of Marketing


The Vice President Marketing publishes marketing materials for Panhellenic recruitment, along with any other Panhellenic events. She manages the Panhellenic and All Greek calendars and the Panhellenic website. The Vice President Marketing works to create a positive Panhellenic and Greek presence among the UCSD community.

Barbara He

Vice President of Scholarship


The Vice President of Scholarship promotes scholarship and academic achievement and recognizes Academic Achievements in the Panhellenic Community. The Vice President of Scholarship actively maintains, promotes, and verifies all Panhellenic member grades, collects and inputs Grade Release Forms, works with the Office of the Registrar to produce grade reports each quarter, and calculates and relays Quarterly and Annual Grade Reports. The Vice President of Scholarship plans and executes the annual Scholarship Banquet and all of the quarterly All-Greek study breaks.

Alex Haisley

Vice President of Athletics


The Vice President of Athletics executes all Greek Athletic Initiatives, including but not limited to the Greek Challenge. She also organizes ISS Sports and chapter points, coordinates Greek Section at Spirit Night and promotes Panhellenic spirit. If you have questions about ISS sports, please contact this officer.