Phi Sigma Rho

Phi Sigma Rho is unique in more ways than most people think. Not only are we science and engineering based, but we’re a close-knit group of women who are dedicated to establishing a strong sisterhood. The sisters of the Chi Chapter are extraordinary women who understand what it means to balance academics and social activities. Many of us participate in organizations and activities outside of the sorority, such as athletics, dance, and other engineering societies, but we still come together to create such a diverse sisterhood. Our tight-knit bond and the on-going support keeps us together through anything. With Phi Sigma Rho, you’re guaranteed to laugh, create memories of random hangouts, and have a sister who will go on adventures through San Diego with you.


Phi Sigma Rho transformed from a small concept by Rashmi Khanna and Abby McDonald, to a chapter at Purdue University. Both engineers were too busy to participate in the formal recruitment at their university due to their tough workload of their majors. However, they pulled together to form their own sorority based of scientists and engineers. On September 24, 1984, ten charter members came together to form Phi Sigma Rho and inspire other chapters across the country to establish similar sisterhoods.

The Chi Chapter of Phi Sigma Rho was founded by eleven dedicated women who came together to start a sisterhood in San Diego. They worked hard and achieved their goal of establishing a strong chapter in November 2007. The sisters at UCSD take pride in participating in various social events and sisterhoods that allow us to take a break from our demanding majors. Sisterhoods, like photo scavenger hunts around La Jolla, and events, like our annual formal, ensure that our sisters get the very best out of their experience in the sorority. Every year, we host our annual philanthropy, Phi Rho Your Boat, which allows the Greek community to get hands on in engineering a boat made of recyclable materials in order to race across a pool. All proceeds from Phi Rho Your Boat benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. This event is one of the best and most unique at UCSD because it allows the Greek and engineering worlds to come together for a fun day of friendly competition and socializing.

The Phi Sigma Rho foundation has given out many scholarships to sisters who not only excel in their academics, but also show great promise as future leaders of the world. Phi Sigma Rho values the importance of scholarship and ensures that each sister be rewarded for their hard work and dedication to the science and engineering world, as well as their own sisterhood.

Chapter Facts:

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Wine Red & Silver
Sigmund the Penguin
Founding Date: September 24, 1984
Open Motto:
“Together we build the future”
National philanthropy: American Cancer Society & Girl Scouts of USA


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Chapter President:
Alisa Rogers