Political Science/Sociology

Cassandra Glaze 



Major: Political Science

Minor: Sociology, Film

Chi Omega

Hi! I’m a third year ERC student majoring political science with an emphasis on international relations and minoring in sociology. I am happy to help you with most any lower division Poli Sci class including Poli 30 as well as several upper division Poli Sci and sociology classes. I have also taken the MMW series and am happy to help with those courses as well. If you need help in any of these courses or just advice on writing social science papers in general feel free to contact me!

Study Hours: Tuesdays 3-5pm at Geisel 2nd floor East


Shivanjali Sewak



Major: Sociology- Law and Society

Minor: Psychology

Alpha Chi Omega

Hi! My name is Shivanjali Sewak, but most people call me Shiv. I’m a third year Sociology-Law and Society major and Psychology minor from ERC. I can help you out with the beast that is MMW and just about any sociology class, and am willing to help with any psychology classes as well. Additionally, I’m planning to go to law school in the fall and would love to help/guide anyone through being a pre-law student at UCSD 🙂 I practically live at Muir Woods so you can almost always find me there!

Study Hours: Tuesdays 3:30-5 PM at Middle of Muir 

Erin Caldwell


Major: Political Science

Minor: Theatre

Kappa Kappa Gamma